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Contact: Delbert Penner
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Non-Semi Load Covering Trailer Systems

Fender Trailer Installs:

Load Covering Trailers launched February 2018 at the Indianapolis, Indiana NTEA Work Truck Show & March 2018 at the Louisville, KY Mid America Truck Show its newest design of Rolling Tarp System specific for 20ft and under General Purpose Utility Fender Trailers. Designed with its new "Patented" Diamond track and wheel configuration, rugged roll formed aluminum frames and a one pcs HD 20oz PVC Tarpaulin, Landscapers, General Contractors, Small Equipment & Vehicle Haulers will find this newest LCT cover to be affordable.

Deck Over Installs:

Semi-Truck & Trailer Load Covering Systems

GN - Goose Neck Trailers:

Flat Top Systems

Lockheed Martin / Fort Campbell KY Military Base
Specialty Miltary Transporter Truck Body (6 pics below)

When the Owners & Promoters of "White Cloud", a Jet Show Truck approached LCT 8 months ago to enclose a special transporting trailer they were building, we jumped at the opportunity. As a tilt trailer we are always asked the question, can a rolling tarp system be adapted to a tilt'n- load deck? LCT's talented engineering team never gave tilt trailers a second thought regardless that all makes and models have their own unique hinge set up. If you are in the market for a tilt'n- load alike trailer call Load Covering Trailers and let our experts design the system that suits your needs. And if you would like LCT to provide the trailer we will sell to you the combined set up customized to your specific liking.

40ft Long x 126"HT (above Deck) x 108" wide

44ft Goose Neck Trailer

LCT Provided Customer with a custom HD 44ft GN trailer with Rolling Tarp System. Installed at LCT Dealer (Penner Trailer Sales) in Winchester TN.

44ft Goose Neck Trailer

Below is a 44-foot Goose Neck Trailer purchased through LCS / LCT and installed by Penner. The Air Coil one is a 28Ft Goose Neck Trailer purchased through LCS / LCT and installed by Penner.

30ft Goose Neck Trailer

PlowBoy: Xtreme Off-Road

Click Here to view (.pdf) brochure for the Plowboy photos below

Plowboy Video

Round Top Systems

Introducing the 1st Ever Round Top Sliding Tarp System specific to HOT SHOT Drivers with Goose Neck Trailers.

Click icons below to view .pdf diagram and photos.

LCT supplied this Beautiful Texas built LAMAR HD GN trailer to the customerís specifications and equipped it with a Round ROLL TOP System with Over the Road Digital Print Advertising.