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Certified Installation Dealer for "the LOOK engineered sliding systems"

Certified Slidekit Installer & Dealer - Click Here for Slidekit Testimonial

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LCS is Proud to have delivered on 12/18/2017 at their Nashville TN install location this Windmaster SMARTLOOK ROLL TOP to Greg Tucker, Owner Operator from Florida. Greg chose Breast Cancer Awareness as a great cause he wanted to promote over the USA Interstates . With no ties to Breast Cancer in his family or close friends, Greg is one of those remarkable individuals that decided to decorate his truck and trailer in support of women across America that battle this deadly disease. Thank You Greg for your support!

LCS-Load Covering Solutions - the LOOK Container Hauler 40' Length x 8'-6" Height

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Testimonial 8/2015: Terry Boner, Nashville TN.

I have been driving flatbed trailers for 18 years and I am currently 60 years of age. I got tired of picking up 100 lb. tarps to cover my loads. When I made the decision to purchase a sliding tarp system to make my load covering days easier, I assumed it would be a flat top system most commonly seen running up & down our interstates. It was not until I was introduced to Allvan Corporation in LaVergne, TN that I realized they represent "Load Covering Solution" located in Buffalo NY that offer both their own design of flat top sliding system but also a unique dome roof system branded as the . I knew as soon as I saw it, my decision was easy. The system resembles in contour a typical "Side Kit" - post and panel covered wagon typically used in our trucking industry so I knew my fuel cost would not increase drastically. The rounded roof is perfect for eliminating Tennessee rains from pooling on top and damaging typical flat top system not to mention the freak snow & ice becoming common to Tennessee truckers. I haul rounded coils of wire so a flat top system was too square for my liking. The system unlocks at the rear with a screw like mechanism that I access with a portable impact gun to make things easier again. The front unlatches with quick & easy over-center latches and in less than 2 minutes Iím able to slide my covering system in either direction long the length of my trailer. My straps, ratchets and binders are all secured, as well as my trailer floor staying dry. I never have to climb up on my trailer and run the risk of slipping and falling. The cost to equip my trailer with a Load Covering Solution installed in Nashville by Allvan Corp was the best money I have spent in a while and I only wish I had made the purchase many years prior. Thank you LCS & Allvan for having this style of product available to me and I certainly encourage every trucker hauling steel loads to check it out.

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