Mantua, Ohio:

TL Services is an LCS Installation, Parts & Service Certified Dealer in Eastern Ohio for Slide Kit Roll Tops & Windmaster SMARTLOOK Aerodynamic Roll Top . TL is an affiliated company to TLX / AWL Transport where they started off as a user & customer to LCS installing Rolling Tarp Systems for their own load covering requirements. With a high level of satisfaction for the LCS models of Roll Tops, TL Services decide to become an install dealer offering others the opportunity to experience load covering products in the state of Ohio.

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TL Service Center
4626 State Route 82
Mantua, Ohio

Toll Free: 1-(800) 555-4859
Phone: (330) 274-5883
Fax: (330) 274-5610

Certified on Installation of the Slide Kit ROLL TOPS & the Windmaster SMARTLOOK ROLL TOPS

Jerry Carlton, Owner of AWL Transport, TLX and TL Services met LCS at the MATS Truck Show in Louisville KY in 2013 and soon after decided to make a purchase of (2) Round ROLL TOP Tarp Systems to try in his steel hauling fleet. LCS sent a Sr. Technician of over 20 years to lead the first install and train the AWL/TLX Team on how to install, service and maintain their new ROLL TOPS. It seems the rest is history as the company currently operates approx. (20) Slide Kits and is very satisfied with the 11.81% Wind Drag Reduction led by the Windmaster Bullet Nose Fairing on the front. AWL /TLX did not stop at just the round top systems, once LCS came out with a new version of a flat top system, the PATENTED Windmaster SMARTLOOK. This ROLL TOP is the a full fiberglass front bulkhead set 20" ahead of the trailer and tested to provide 9.96% Wind Drag Reduction at 100" high over any flat aluminum bulkhead.