Equipment Financing:

LCS had teamed up with OBL Financial Services and now offers Fleet Customers, Owner /Operators and Trailer Dealers much easier access to equipment financing for their Load Covering Systems and / or LCS System with Trailers.

OBL Financial Services, Inc. has the experience and resources to assist you in financing your tarp system. We take the time to learn your situation and work with you to find your best option. Examples include combining your trailer and tarp system for one monthly payment, or financing the system on its own. We will explain each option so you can make an informed decision.

OBL Financial Services Inc.
Contact: Nancy Schoen
Phone: (800) 772-7180 x 123
Direct Line: (630) 850-9490


Office: 1051 Clinton St. Buffalo NY, USA 14206
Service: 2251 Weherle Dr, Williamsville NY, USA 14221 (Exit 49 off of I-90 E)
Cell: 1-716-514-6419
Tel: 1-877-790-5665
Fax: 1-877-345-5623